Fritos Is Bringing Back This Most-Requested Flavor for a Limited Time

I’ll take two bags, please.

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We know that Frito-Lay is constantly innovating. There’s no shortage of exciting options, and if you head down the snack aisle at the grocery store, there’s a good chance you’ll see something new. Earlier this year, they released Buffalo Cheetos. The brand also recently added Jalapeño Popper PopCorners and Flamin’ Hot Mystery Doritos, exclusive to Walmart.

With all the excitement over the new snacks, one classic staple deserves more attention: Fritos. We love them in dishes like walking tacos and Frito pie. They come in bold flavors such as Honey Barbecue and Chili Cheese. And when we need a chip that can stand up to hearty dips, Fritos has us covered with the larger-sized Scoops.

Customers have been asking for years, and now Fritos is bringing back one of its most popular fan-favorite flavors.

Classic Ranch Fritos Are Back

Classic Ranch Fritos are returning to shelves for a limited time. The crunchy corn chips are coated in tangy buttermilk ranch seasoning, offering customers a zesty flavor in comparison to the brand’s spicy offerings.

In a recent Instagram post, @Dadbodsnacks shared a photo of the chips, and followers expressed their excitement about the return of the flavor. “I just have to find these. I love the Ranch Fritos so much!!” said one commenter.



But don’t be surprised if you can’t find the light blue packaging you remember from the initial release. This time, Fritos has teamed up with the popular television series Yellowstone for their newest collaboration. The new packaging steps away from Fritos’ traditional look for a total redesign called “Yellowstone Edition.” The new look reflects the show’s spirit, featuring an updated font and an illustration of the show’s famous building.

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The Yellowstone edition of Fritos Classic Ranch is available now in retailers nationwide. It comes in two sizes: XL for $5.89 and XXVL for $2.39. We don’t know how long these will be in stores, so grab yours before they’re gone!

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