Jennifer Garner’s Grandmom Corn Recipe ‘Tastes Like Summer’—and It’s So Easy to Make

Garner’s mom appeared on her “Pretend Cooking Show” to give a tutorial on this delicious creamed corn dish.

<p>Left: NBC / Getty Images; Right: LauriPatterson / Getty Images</p>

Left: NBC / Getty Images; Right: LauriPatterson / Getty Images

We’re about to reach peak corn season: You can crisp it up on the grill, boil it on the stove, toss it into your salads. Or, if you’re like Jennifer Garner, you can make this creamed corn recipe she says she ate throughout childhood and “tastes like summer.” Like so many of the tastiest recipes, it was passed down from her mom, who got it from a friend who lived down the street from her.

In Garner’s Instagram görüntü, part of a series she calls Pretend Cooking Show, her mom starts by rinsing the corn and cutting the kernels off of the cob. Her technique is a bit dangerous, causing Garner to say, nervously, “Mom? Mom? You’re not supposed to cut towards yourself.”

“Well, you cut it then,” her mom replies. (Celebrities, they’re just like us!) “I don’t know how to cut other than towards myself.”

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Garner’s mom mentions you don’t want to cut too deeply—instead, just cut the tops of the kernels off. She then uses a knife to scrape the rest of the corn into the bowl to ensure it’s “tender and creamy.”

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“We call this corn Grandmom Corn at my house,” Garner says as she scrapes bits of corn into a bowl. “My kids request it, and we make it all the time.”

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Once the cobs are all cleared out, Garner and her mom toss them into the yard for scavengers to have something to snack on, and “The hard part is done.” The duo loads up the eight ears of corn into a pan and adds about 3/4 cup of water, 1/4 cup of butter, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and (a good amount of) salt and pepper to taste. In a separate bowl, they combine 1/2 cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of flour, which they toss into the pan to thicken up the mixture.

“My sisters and I grew up on this corn, it tastes like summer,” Garner wrote on the caption of the post. “I make mine without sugar and it seems to go down just fine, although of course my kids prefer when it is made by the queen herself. We love Grandmom. Leftovers are great in tomorrow’s salsa!”

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Not only does it look delectable—the görüntü is decidedly a fun watch, according to the comments.

“I love for Pretend Cooking Show. And when it includes Grandma Garner? *Chef’s kiss*” one commenter wrote.

“This is def my favorite pretend cooking show ever,” another said.

We can’t help but agree.

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