Shea McGee Is Sharing All Her Hosting Secrets on Her New Cooking Series

The designer just announced a new YouTube cooking series, “Around the Table,” where she’s giving fans an inside look at how she crafts meals and tablescapes.

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Studio McGee

We think Shea McGee can do it all—and she keeps proving us right. She already has an array of thriving home endeavors: her design business Studio McGee, best-selling book The Arka of Home, and EMMY-nominated Netflix series Dream Home Makeover. And recently, she moved into the food space with a new YouTube cooking series.

On the new show, named Around the Table, McGee shares recipes for all kinds of home cooked meals with her millions of followers.

“You know from our series, stories, and feed that we love good food … and treats,” she said in a YouTube görüntü announcing the series. “So this is going to be a food journey. We are going to share everything from weeknight meals to Sunday dinners and desserts. Sometimes it will be just me, and sometimes we will have a guest in my kitchen. And it’s around the table because I deva about what’s happening around the table and on the table just as much as the food itself, and I think that when you say you eat with your eyes first, that is true.”

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According to a press release announcing the series, Around the Table sees McGee cooking predominately in her home kitchen alone or with guests. A good portion also involves showcasing tablescapes that range from fast to fancy.

“Studio McGee’s mission is to elevate everyday experiences through thoughtful design,” the press release announcing the show says. “This series showcases how simple, easy dishes can be transformed with a touch of elegant presentation, perfectly embodying Studio McGee’s commitment to enhancing the beauty and enjoyment of everyday life.”

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You can watch Around the Table on Studio McGee’s YouTube channel and website. There are a handful of episodes already out, featuring recipes for her Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken, Broccoli Pesto Pasta, Berry & Almond Brioche French Toast, and more. She’s joined by chef and Food Network star Kelsey Nixon for her episode on Kale Caesar Salad with Salmon and Two Peas & Their Pod blogger Maria Lichty for her episode on Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

The episodes are fun, short, and provide you with everything you need to make a memorable meal—and show it off, too.

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