The Laundress Is Stepping Beyond the Laundry Room with Its New Home Cleaning Collection

The laundry brand beloved for its scents is expanding to every corner of the home.

<p>The Laundress</p>

The Laundress

Housekeeping doesn’t have to be drudgery. Taking deva of your living space is self deva: It allows you to appreciate your home in its most sparkling state and feel relaxed in knowing the clutter is cleared and surfaces are germ-free. But the fact is, cleaning a home is tedious work—and it doesn’t make it any easier when your cleaning products emit strong smells that leave an unpleasant, lingering chemical odor.

Fortunately, The Laundress is back to solve that dilemma. Known for its sweetly scented laundry products, the cleaning brand has launched a new line of home cleaning supplies, stepping outside the laundry room and allowing you to infuse every surface in your home with a pleasant aroma.

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After recalling eight million products in December 2022, devoted Laundress customers were devastated—but they were able to resume buying the brand’s products when they returned to shelves seven months later. The brand moved to a new third-party manufacturer, and since then, there have been no quality issues. As CEO Clemens Herrmann said at the time of the reintroduction, “We’ve also taken this as an opportunity to reassess the suppliers of our raw materials, to reassess our raw material standards and the ingredients that we use.”

All products from The Laundress are formulated with its signature no. 247 fragrance: fresh eucalyptus and earthy moss, tempered by soothing lilac, jasmine, and lavender notes. The combination results in a complex scent that evokes the image of a blooming garden after the rain—and who wouldn’t want their home to smell like that?

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Each of the three new products in the Home Cleaning Collection is priced at $16 per bottle, and the full collection is available starting June 6. The lineup includes a Surface Cleaner formulated to clean most home surfaces, including stainless steel, finished wood, porcelain, and marble; a Glass & Mirror Cleaner that leaves a streak-free finish; and a Dish Soap designed to cut through grease and grime while lending the signature fresh-smelling Laundress treatment to your dishwashing routine.

Add The Laundress to your cleaning routine, and the lovely scent will surely make you never want to use a harsh, ammonia-reminiscent cleanser again.

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